In UNIMAS, students are responsible for their own learning under the careful guidance of their instructors. On top of their core subjects, students are given the opportunity to select complementary courses from a menu offered by different faculties of the university. Student's learning is optimised through a careful evaluation of individual course units and self-managed study for the development of the total individual.

Programmes at the Faculty of Engineering were designed in response to the development of new emerging technologies and the increasing demand for an industrial workforce. The emphasis at the Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts was on programme that would develop the creativity and innovation needed by the service sector, and would enhance the growth and leisure activities within the country.

The Faculty of Cognitive Science and Human Development introduced programmes on Human Resource Development that incorporates elements of cognitive science and the mind business in education. And the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science designed a system that incorporate Problem-Based-Learning and lectures to produce medical practitioners that are competent and well-versed in dealing with health issues.

UNIMAS recognises that learning should be provided in a system capable of continuously assimilating, using and transfering new methods, knowledge and skills -- the students should see themselves as continuous learners and UNIMAS will ensure relevance by prioritising its teaching and learning activities.

On top of these, UNIMAS also offer various soft skills courses to further increase its graduate marketability in the job market. Through the Centre for Students Development, students are able to choose various courses which should help them improve their marketability such as time management, communication skills, self-management, public speaking, etc.

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Undergraduates Studies Division

Q Policy

UNIMAS is committed to be the priority-choice university for students. With regards to that, the Undergraduate Studies Division provides a quality undergraduate academic management service through its continuous improvement effort that complies with the MS ISO 9001:2000 standard.

About Us

The Undergraduate Studies Division (then known as the Academic Division) was formed on the 5th of April 1993, with its first residence at Rumah Setia, Jalan Taman Budaya, Kuching. Subsequently the division was moved to the Telekom Training Centre, Jalan Sultan Tengah in early 1994 to accommodate the first student intake for the 1994/1995 academic session. The division was then moved to the temporary campus situated at Kota Samarahan in mid 1994.

On the 19th of April 2006, the Division moved to permanent campus with its offices situated on the ground floor of the Chancellery building.

The Division’s main responsibility is to manage the intake of students into the various degree programs, maintain their academic records and ensure that all requirements under the university’s Academic Rules and Regulations are met before a student can graduate. In addition, the Division is also responsible for ensuring that courses conducted comply with the approved curriculum structure, and assessments are carried out in accordance with the university’s quality assurance guidelines.

The Division provides management support for teaching and learning activities for UNIMAS undergraduates. The Division’s mission is to achieve excellence in management by fullfilling the needs of its clients through efficient and effective service, as well as being an example for the management of higher learning academic affairs.

The division obtained the MS ISO 9001:1994 from SIRIM QAS, Sdn. Bhd. On the 4th of May 2001 for the Cerfication Scope beginning with the intake, registration, evaluation and certification of students. The MS ISO 9001:1994 certification was successfully upgraded to MS ISO 9001:2000 on November 16th 2007. This certification is currently undergoing upgrading to MS ISO 9001:2008 in 2010. The division is committed to the implementation of quality practices in UNIMAS to the present date. The division was also the first recipient of the Best Counter Service Award initiate by the university’s management on July 4th 2009.

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Client Charter

This Division also specifies the Client Charter as follows:

We, the staff of Undergraduate Studies Division, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, with full determination pledged to provide quality and efficient services to meet the needs of our clients: -

  1. To provide counter service in a friendly, efficient and effective manner.
  2. To ensure that the offer letter for admission of new students can be downloaded from the UNIMAS website at least three (3) days after the 'Mesyuarat Pemilihan Bersama IPTA/KPT''
  3. To ensure that all relevant information on new students can be downloaded from the  UNIMAS website at least three (3) days after the intake result is announced.
  4. To ensure student enrollment and course information be informed to students within one (1) semester in advance.
  5. To ensure that the work schedule for the evaluation process is adhered to by the Faculty / Centre and they should be inform within one (1) semester in advance.
  6. To guarantee the semester results be notified to the student within one (1) day after the Senate approval.
  7. To guarantee the degree and transcripts of graduates can be claimed immediately after their convocation ceremony.
  8. To ensure the student is provided with a confirmation letter in less than one (1) hour from the time of application. For applications other than the letter of confirmation, it will be provided within three (3) working days from the date of application.
  9. Provide feedback to the client within one (1) day or within other reasonable period.
  10. To ensure that all letters and complaints been taken upon within three (3) working days OR within other reasonable period.
  11. To ensure that all parties dealing and communicating with BPPs are satisfied and comfortable with the services provided.

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